What you’ll get with Shearwater

Shearwater Capital will engage deeply with you as the founder and CEO of your business.

Amongst the three partners, we have launched over five companies. We have IPO’d three companies (one at $1 billion+), and have been involved in numerous trade sales, two for over $100m. Mike and Charles have sat on the board of WiseTech Global for over 15 years and as early investors they helped the business grow from early-seed stage to a $20 billion + valuation today.

With Shearwater Capital, you won’t get passive investors, but equally we won’t tell you how to run your business. We won’t try to engineer an outcome with your business. As long as the company is growing, we’ll have continued interest in funding at each round. Given our flexibility in structure, we’ll have interest in primary and secondary funding, including founder liquidity. We won’t screw you or your business. And we won’t need to sell after a certain period of time; in fact we’re looking for long-term positions.

We expect that our founders will act with high integrity and talk-straight with us. We believe in founders who value their own equity highly and we look for relationships that are based on shared respect and trust.

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