Shearwater Privacy Policy

  1. Introduction: 

We are a venture capital fund based in Sydney which invests in technology startups across both Australia and New Zealand.  Our operating entities, Shearwater Capital II Pty Ltd ACN 672 752 493 and Shearwater Capital Pty Ltd ACN 630 622 669, (Shearwater) are committed to protecting your privacy.  This Privacy Policy explains how we collect and use your personal data and which rights and options you have in this respect. 

  1. What personal data do we collect?

The personal data we collect from you may include: 

  1. How do we collect your personal information?

We may collect personal data from you when you interact with Shearwater, including: 

  1. For what purposes do we use your personal information?

We may use your personal information for the following purposes: 

  1. Who will we share your personal information with?

While we do not routinely disclose personal information, we may share your personal information in the circumstances: 

Specifically, we may disclose your personal information with: 

  1. Disclosure of personal information to overseas recipients. 

We do not disclose your personal information to overseas recipients.

  1. How do we keep your personal information secure?

We have implemented and have taken appropriate measures to ensure that your personal information is secure from unauthorised access, including:

  1. Encryption:
    • We utilize industry-standard encryption protocols to protect your personal information during transmission and storage. 
  2. Access Control:
    • We implement strict access control measures to limit access to your personal information to authorized personnel only. 
  3. Regular Audits:
    • We conduct regular security audits to identify and address any vulnerabilities in our systems.
  4. Physical Security:
    • We maintain secure physical facilities to protect your personal information from unauthorized physical access.
  1. User rights

If you provide your personal information to us, you agree that we will collect, hold, use and disclose your personal information in accordance with this privacy policy. 

Subject to certain legal conditions, you have a right to request a copy of your personal information and to have any inaccurate personal information corrected by contacting us.  You may also object to us using your personal information.   

Where you do make a request, we will require a form of identification so that we can verify you are the person with the right to access the personal information.

  1. How to get in touch with Shearwater

If you would like to contact us, please do so via the contact form on our website.