Storipress joins Startmate

Shearwater’s overarching mandate is to invest in founders who are passionate about building generationally great companies. As a result, we have invested across a broad range of industries, and across almost every equity stage. To date, we have co-lead series B rounds for mature stage companies looking for growth equity, and we have also led pre-seed rounds for early stage companies, providing enough capital for founders to get their idea into existence.

Investing across a range of stages means we invest in companies who have over 100 employees spanning various continents, to companies who just have founders. No journey is better than the other, and no journey is easier than the other, but they all deserve to have their successes celebrated.

One such portfolio company we wish to call out is Storipress. Storipress is a SaaS cloud-service provider specialising in digital publication creation, management and monetisation. Storipress takes the entire digital blogging and publishing tool ecosystem, integrates it into one platform, and makes it accessible to the world.

The company was founded in 2019 by Alex Pan, David Peng and Kevin Chang. After two years of development, Storipressed launched and went live in November 2021 and is tracking nicely.

Importantly, following the pre-seed round in mid 2021, Alex and team have just closed their seed round giving them enough runway to build out their platform and acquire customers. Further, Alex and team have just been accepted into the next cohort of Startmate. Great work guys.

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