Marking three years into the Shearwater journey

Shearwater Capital was born on a small boat sailing off the coast of Macquarie Island. That’s when Mike decided he wanted to spend his time supporting the best founders in Australia and New Zealand.

Shearwater marking its 3 year anniversary

A bird was gliding alongside him as he pondered his future. The bird was a Shearwater.

The three partners made our first investment in in 2016 and we formally set-up the fund on 10th September 2018. [Watch our public launch highlights]

So last week, the four of us came together over Zoom to toast three enjoyable years as a fund.

It wasn’t quite how we’d have likes to mark the milestone.

But in these three years we’ve added 10 new companies to the family.

There’s plenty more to come for Shearwater and the founders we back.

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