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Shearwater Capital invests in founders who are passionate about building generationally great companies. We invest in people, not ideas.

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We focus on B2B SaaS

...but we’re infinitely inquisitive

Our experience lends itself to founders of technology start-ups who are building growing businesses and value our capital and experience. We look for growth equity positions, where we’re all on the same side of the table. Because we've been there before, we’re interested in founder-friendly terms and simple capital tables with aligned, participating shareholders.

We don’t have limited partners (i.e. external funding sources), so we don’t have a fund horizon. This lets us play the long-game for the truly outstanding companies. Our view is that it's your company and we'll do what we can to help you succeed.

Fundamentally, what matters to us is that we back high integrity founders to build world-class businesses.

Our Investment Focus

This is what we value and look for in our investments. But we’re infinitely inquisitive (that is, we break rules!).

So if your business doesn’t necessarily tick all these boxes and you are raising venture / growth capital or might in the future, please drop us a line (no, it doesn’t need to be a warm intro!)

Great people

Passionate entrepreneurs that we like and want to work with.

Complex domains

Companies that are solving significant problems.

Business software

Software that has the capacity to be a mission critical over time.

Recurring revenue

Business models which are – or look like – recurring revenue.

Growing markets

Markets that are rapidly growing (though we often find the best SaaS businesses start with small TAMs).

Companies we can help

Founders we can help

Companies and founders who have a deep ability to scale and learn and where we understand their domains.

Our portfolio companies

View the full Shearwater portfolio
View the full Shearwater portfolio
The Shearwater team

Meet the Shearwater team

We have three founders as partners. We’ve all sat on your side of the table and built our own businesses. With Shearwater, we’re investing our own capital and experience to help you build a generationally great business.